Elderly couple fights back against home invaders; 3 suspects arrested

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

TEXAS CITY, Texas - An elderly couple fought back against the men who robbed them in a home invasion, the second robbery at their residence in three years.

On Jan. 3, 89-year-old Harold Fletcher saw men in the backyard of his home on 19th Avenue North in Texas City.

"I walked out there and I said, 'Can I help you?'  And as I said that, the one with the sock pulled down over his head run around and grabbed me and put a gun to my neck. Said, 'In the house!'" Fletcher told Local 2.

He told his wife to call 911, but the robbers stopped her.

"They had him on the floor. And I was furious then," 71-year-old Janette Fletcher said. "We stayed there while they ransacked the house."

Three robbers tore up their home, going from room to room looking for money. She says they stole about $1,100 and took off in a white sedan.

Harold Fletcher got his keys, jumped in their SUV and said he found the thieves not far away.

"One in the back seat opened the door and jumped out with a pistol," Fletcher said.

He says he fired two shots.  He said the other guy fired once.  Somehow no shots hit his car.  Instead the bullets went right through the open window.

"I really don't know which one of us fired first," he said.

Police arrived and eventually arrested three men.

"I said, 'Hey you can't walk in someone's house. Get out of here!'" said Fletcher.

They also had a home invasion three years ago when he says two men walked right in his back door.  He put up a fight, but said they took off when he accidentally closed the garage door.  Three men were quickly caught as police looked for one more.

That time, only one had a gun.  This time all three had guns.

"If there was something we could do to protect ourselves.  What do you do?  Put a fence around the property?" Fletcher said.

Christopher Rodriguez, Benigno Reyes Jr., and Alexander Carmona are all charged with burglary of a habitation with intent to commit other felony. Reyes, 33, and Carmona, 31, are both from Houston, while Rodriguez, 34, is from Santa Fe.

Bond has been set at $250,000 for each suspect.

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