Drivers stranded between Houston and Dallas

TxDOT representative unaware people were stranded

Corsicana, TEXAS - The cold front that moved through Texas Sunday caused major problems overnight.

Between Houston and Dallas, ice and sleet coated the road, stranding some drivers for hours.

The Texas Department of Public Safety says traffic on Interstate 45 south of Dallas is at a standstill with vehicles backed up for at least 15 miles.

Local 2 discovered the issue after talking to Local 2 viewer Cassidy Scoggins.

She said she left Tulsa, Oklahoma at noon Sunday and 17 hours later she was still stuck between Dallas and Houston on I-45.

At 5 a.m. Monday, Scoggins was parked between Corsicana and Fairfield, Texas.

"Most people have their flashers on, some people are napping, looks like they've closed it off in the opposite direction, blocking traffic," Scoggins said.

Houston Transtar reported ice on the roads in the area and some guard rail damage.

Carlos Mack posted on the Local 2 Facebook page early Monday,"Yes, we have been sitting here already an hour. 160 miles from Houston.  Left Dallas at 8:30 p.m."

Karren Stubblefield Dominey posted, "Left Dallas at 5:00 p.m. yesterday. Has taken 7 hours to drive 15 miles south of Corsicana. Been stuck total of 12 1/2 hours now!"

Ellen Rothfritz Lachney wrote, "Sitting on 45 about 14 miles south of Corsicana. Been In same spot for about 6 hours. Left Dallas at 5:00 pm yesterday. Doesn't appear that anyone official is doing anything to help the situation!"

The Texas Department of Transportation's Tony Hartzel works in the Dallas district.

He said crews are currently treating the roads, but was unaware that people have been stranded for hours.

Hartzel said crews are "treating the road with liquid/granular de-icing, sand and salt."

"It is difficult to get the road clear because as soon as they treat one section of the road trucks get to another spot and lose traction due to ice on another section," Hartzel explained.

Over 550 schools and businesses had announced closings or delays in the Dallas-Fort Worth area as of 4:30 a.m. Monday morning following a wave of "thundersleet" that moved through the area Sunday afternoon.

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