Drivers fume over oil company CEO's compensation

Oil executives make millions, drivers pay near record pump prices

HOUSTON - The price of gas has been going up at the pump -- and the amount top executives of oil companies take home has gone up, too.

Three of the best-paid chief executive officers in the country, according to USA Today, head Houston companies that derive all or at least some of their business from the oil patch.

That has drivers struggling to fill the gas tank fuming.

"You just make sure you have your list of things to do when you go out so you can do everything in succession," said Bette Guerinot.

Marathon Oil CEO Clarence Cazolot's compensation shot up a whopping 239 percent. He took home almost $30 million in 2011.

Many drivers believe they are paying for that huge salary and others every time they fill up.

"We're paying the gas, all the consumers that are paying that money, he's getting a nice little chunk of it at the end of the day, for a bonus," said limo driver Campbell Limon.

Many things impact the price of gas, like supply and demand, where it's refined and international politics. But most drivers said they are paying too much.

"The problem is when you've got gasoline at these prices, people are upset because it's taking a toll on everything," said Guerino.

Cazalot and Marathon Oil did not return KPRC Local 2's calls seeking comment.

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