Driver spots wife's stolen car, follows driver & calls police

Police chase suspect, fire shot before learning teenage girl was in car

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Kermic Gamble

HOUSTON - A driver who noticed his wife's stolen car on the road helped lead to the arrest of the suspect after a chase with officers that involved a teenage girl and one round fired by police.

Texas City police said a man called them after he spotted his wife's stolen car. He followed it until police caught up to it, investigators said.

The driver of the stolen vehicle refused to stop for officers and drove at speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour, police said..

Detectives said an officer fired one round from a shotgun at the car's tires, but that failed to slow down and stop the suspect.

After the shot was fired, police learned a 15-year old girl was inside the car. She called her father who called to inform police that she was in the car.

The driver, Kermic Gamble, eventually stopped and tried to run. He was caught and arrested.

The teenage girl was detained by police and interviewed.

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