Driver fires shot to protect himself during road rage incident

PASADENA, Texas - A driver said he was forced to protect himself by shooting at another driver who punched him during a road rage incident.

A bystander recorded cell phone video of the altercation and posted it on Liveleak. The video has been watched more than 100,000 times in a matter of days.

Martin Ramos said it started as he was driving home from work. Ramos said he switched lanes, which enraged another driver who then followed Ramos for at least six miles on Highway 225 in Pasadena.

"We just kept going. I knew he was following because I looked through the mirrors," said Ramos.

Ramos admitted the two exchanged angry gestures, but he never expected the other driver to take it so far. Ramos said he got off at an exit and was waiting at a stop light when the man jumped out of his own car in the middle of traffic and walked up to Ramos' truck.

The video shows the man swinging his arms and reaching inside Ramos' truck window. Ramos said the man punched him in the face.

"He hit my glasses here and the glasses got my eye right here," said Ramos.

In response, Ramos said he grabbed his pistol and fired a shot at the man.

"I was kind of in fear, but I defend myself. I was taught to defend yourself. I shot at him and he ran. I called 911 too, telling them what was going on," said Ramos.

Pasadena police said both men were still at the scene, where officers questioned them and released them both. Investigators said the district attorney declined to press charges.

Local 2 reached out to the other driver at his home and by phone, but didn't get a response.

As for Ramos, he believes the other man should have been arrested.

"You approach a car and you reach your hand in there and you touch a person, that is an assault," said Ramos.

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