Dozens sickened at retirement apartments

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

HOUSTON - An investigation is underway after 41 senior citizens living at an independent retirement facility got sick.

The family of one of those residents called KPRC 2 to let us know about it.

A spokesperson for Copperfield Estates, located at 16820 West Road, told Channel 2 News on Sunday several residents became sick with an unknown virus. They were vomiting, having diarrhea and dehydrated.

Nine residents with severe symptoms were transported to the hospital. On Tuesday, six remained hospitalized. The other three have returned home.

It's unclear what the virus is that is causing residents to get sick, but a spokesperson said it had not been identified as norovirus.

Employees at the facility were working to stop the spread of germs by sanitizing all the common areas. The dining room is shut down and meals are being delivered to the residents' rooms three times a day.

Residents are also being encouraged to stay in their rooms and not to "gather."

Access to the building is being restricted until more is known about what is making the seniors sick.

Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services workers are investigating.  

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