Dozens of cats removed from 'cat hoarding' home recovering

HOUSTON - Nearly 130 cats removed from a northwest Harris County home Thursday are getting medical attention at the Houston SPCA.

"The home itself was just a disaster," said Harris County Precinct 1 Constable Alan Rosen. "It was a very, very sad situation for both the people and the animals."

Officials say the home had urine and feces stacked several feet high. Two elderly sisters lived inside the home on Linecamp Drive near Rio Grande Drive. One of the sisters had to be taken from the home by ambulance.

No charges are expected at this time against either sister.

"One of the (sisters) has a really serious medical condition and I think they just became overwhelmed," Constable Rosen said. "All their neighbors say they loved animals. These people really didn't have an intent to mistreat these animals and that was really important to us."

Officials with Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services said a neighborhood nuisance notice was issued at the residence in January for trash and debris. A next door neighbor said he would see three or four cats at a time outside the home, but had no idea just how many cats were inside the home.

"I knew there were more (cats), but not to that extent," Mark Lee said. "Some evenings it was bad. It smelled like cat urine. But I hope the (sisters) can have some kind of a decent life being out of this (house). I know it was hell living in there."

Pending a judicial disposition on April 3, the Houston SPCA will attempt to place as many animals as possible into new homes.

Anyone can report animals who are in danger to the Houston SPCA by calling 713-869-7722.

You can also report it online at this website.

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