Dozens of bats discovered inside Splendora high school

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

SPLENDORA, Texas - Parents are worried after dozens of bats were discovered inside a Splendora ISD high school.

Local 2 cameras captured at least three dozen of the bats that have been living inside the attic area of Splendora Early College High School.

It's something some parents aren't happy about.

"As a parent I'm concerned for my child," said one mother who didn't want to be identified.

A district spokesperson says they reached out to parents online Tuesday informing them they removed students from the area once the bats were spotted. They also say there has been no evidence of illnesses or unsafe conditions created by the bats.

The mother said she wasn't notified, and is willing to keep her child at home until the bats are removed.

"A bat in a school is not a safe environment, because who knows if it has rabies," she said.

To try and eliminate the issue, a rodent removal specialist installed nets and sealant to prevent the bats from returning inside Tuesday evening and hopefully keep them away for good.

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