Dozens injured in garage collapse in west Harris County

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - Dozens of people were injured after officials say a 2-story garage collapsed during a celebration in west Harris County.

Authorities told us the collapse occurred in the detached garage behind a residence on Park Mill and Park Brush Lane. The second floor of the garage 'pancaked' onto the first floor, injuring people on both floors.

From Sky 2 aerials, dozens of people could be seen outside the home, many of them were being treated by emergency personnel.

Several people were seen sitting in the driveway, some holding ice packs to their head. Firefighters set up an impromptu triage on the street and in the driveway.

Officials brought the injured out on stretchers to waiting ambulances. At least 30 people were transported to nearby hospitals, including Texas Children's, Katy Memorial and Methodist West hospitals. We're told six children were among the victims.

Tim Thomas with the West I-10 Fire Department says there were approximately 100 total victims inside the 2-story garage. HFD says injuries ranged from minor cuts and abrasions to significant blunt trauma.

A large white tent was erected over the driveway in front of the garage. A neighbor told us it appeared to be some sort of party.

"Well I was just in the house behind it and they were playing a bunch of loud music and it sounded like the roof collapsed," he said.

Reporter Mary Benton obtained a copy of a letter which was distributed by the homeowner to neighbors saying there was to be a religious celebration from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday with about 150 guests expected to attend. The celebration would include music and dancing, the letter read.

The letter apologized to neighbors in advance for any inconvenience.

HFD says all the victims are out of the structure.

Hospital officials say 18 patients are in good condition at Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital, four patients are in good condition at Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center and two patients are in good condition at Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital.

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