"Door knock" burglaries on the rise in Houston area

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

HOUSTON - The Memorial Villages Police Department is looking for a couple of burglars who are breaking into homes in the area.

Detectives said the burglars knock on the doors or ring doorbells to see if anyone is home, and if no one answers they break in.

"They're kicking in a window or busting out a side window of a front door and making entry into the residence," said Detective Mark Stokes with the Police Department. 

In the last two weeks Stokes said there have been three break-ins. Homes on Kensington Court, Lanecrest and Trails End were all targeted during the week and during the day. Investigators believe it's the work of the same men. 

They men have been seen on surveillance video breaking into a home on Kensington Court. They are described by police as black males who dress nicely and drive a small, silver sports car. 

"It's pretty frightful for our residents to think that while they're away at work somebody's breaking into their house," Stokes said. 

Stokes is hoping someone will recognize the men and turn them in.

"These guys will be caught a lot quicker with a little community involvement," said Stokes.

This same kind of crime has been happening in other parts of Houston as well. 

One homeowner in Meyerland told Local 2 he was home when a man came to his front door and repeatedly rang his bell.

"He waited 30 seconds rang it two more times, waited 30 seconds rang it two more times," the homeowner said.

The homeowner believes if he wasn't home the would-be burglar would have broken in. He is thankful he was there to scare him off but other homeowners haven't been as lucky. 

That's why Precinct 5's Constable's Office is encouraging people who live in Meyerland to have their homes assessed by their certified home protection expert. 

At no cost, Sgt. Mitch Hutter will come to your home and tell you which areas could use additional security, a new lock or longer screws. 

"Nothing out there is completely burglar proof but you want to make it more difficult for the burglars," Hutter said.

Hutter has been busy going into Meyerland homes and he encourages people who live in other areas to call their local law enforcement agency and schedule an appointment. He said most police departments offer similar services. 

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