Donation jar stolen from restaurant

Jordan Alexander Ybarra accused of stealing from Sudies

PASADENA, Texas - A man has been accused of stealing a donation jar from a Pasadena restaurant.

Sudies restaurant in Pasadena is known for its family atmosphere. Customers and employees were raising money to help a co-worker in need, but what happened Wednesday afternoon has many upset.

"We almost had $200 raised in bucket he just came and grabbed it," general manager Jenny Price said.

Security cameras caught images of a man walking into the store. He stood near the cash register, pretending he was going to order takeout. A short time later, he placed a phone call to someone then grabbed both jars filled with money, the video showed. He then bolted out of the restaurant and hopped in a car.

Employees chased after him, but they could not get the license plate number.

"It clearly says what we're trying to raise money for, bad people all out there," Price said.

The restaurant is now starting from scratch to replace what was stolen.

The funds are going to a co-worker whose son was murdered. Restaurant employees plan to come together to make sure the family has what they need.

"A woman who could barely walk up the ramp just had to come and make a donation. It made me cry," Price said.

Pasadena police said they made an arrest in the case on Thursday. Jordan Alexander Ybarra, 21, has been charged with three counts of theft. He is being held in the Harris County Jail.

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