Don't eat meat or dairy? Enjoy a Vegan Thanksgiving

By Brittany Taylor - Digital News Editor

Vegans can have fun too!

While the traditional Thanksgiving holiday consists of turkey, stuffing and other delicious side dishes that are filled with dairy -- we must think about our vegan friends and family as well.

People usually think vegans just eat salads all day -- when it's far from the truth. I'm sure they would like to enjoy a nice meal during the holidays instead of basic side, which may still contain dairy, butter and milk.

We haven't forgotten about our vegan family out there and provided a list of foods, not only a vegan can enjoy, but other family members can as well.

Turkey Alternatives:

The most popular turkey substitute that seems to pop up is "Tofurky" or Turk'y. I'm sure this brings a smile to many turkeys this year who will appreciate not being on a dinner table this Thursday.

1.) Gardein stuffed turk'y was ranted 5 stars on Google as the most popular.
2.) Tofurky vegetarian roast was ranked 4 stars on Google if you can't seem to find the first option.
3.) Visit your local Whole Foods store or Trader Joe's for a vegetarian roast that they provide in the meat alternative section.
4.) Make your own! Pinterest has hundreds of options for a vegan turkey roast. Here's a popular homemade roast with a list of ingredients and directions. Click here.

Stuffing/cornbread dressing:

This is something you might want to make at home for a better turnout. While Pinterest provides a list of options, vegan YouTubers also visually show you how to make the best vegan stuffing as well. Click link for "How to make cornbread dressing" or browse Youtube for other recipes.

Baked Mac and Cheese:

1.) Daiya provides boxed mac and cheeses with simple directions.
2.) Homemade mac and cheese: Usually these ingredients consist of elbow noodles, one onion, peeled carrots (for color), nutritional yeast ( will give cheesy flavor), cashews, peeled potatoes, vegan butter and seasoning. The website provides a creamy vegan mac and cheese recipe to follow.


This shouldn't be hard to follow since they are cruelty-free. Just be sure to use veggie stock, seasoning, and dairy-free butter, such as Earth Balance and no one will notice it's vegan!
Homemade buttery garlic mashed potatoes are included, just substitute the butter with vegan butter and cashew milk.


1.) Daiya cheesecake or store bought desserts from Sprouts, Trader Joe's or Whole Foods.
2.) Make your own! You can substitute the eggs with vegan egg replacements, flax seeds and water, a ripe banana or applesauce. For milk, try using coconut milk.

It's not too late to think about your vegan friends. You can cook a cruelty-free meal this year to enjoy the holiday feast with friends and family.


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