Dominique helps women tell others they're expecting

HOUSTON - It's a big day for Local 2 News Anchor Dominique Sachse and her husband Nick Florescu. They're launching a new business venture aimed at expectant mothers and it's going to benefit a great cause.

Expectant mom Lupe Arriagas is starting to sense the questions we've all found ourselves asking after seeing a friend who looks like she just might be pregnant.

"I see people's eyes. Is she? Isn't she?" Arriagas recalled.

It's a phenomenon Sachse has also experienced.

"I mean how many times have we been in that really awkward situation when we're not sure if someone is pregnant and we've congratulated women who aren't pregnant?" Sachse said.

Out of those awkward situations, Sachse andĀ Florescu conceived an idea and a company. The company is called Due in a Few.

The concept includes a pin expectant mothers can wear when they're ready to share the great news.

Amanda Bostick is expecting a baby and said wearing the pin makes what can be a sensitive topic of conversation a lot easier to discuss.

"I just thought it was so classy. I'm just one of those girls, you can't tell that I'm pregnant, so it makes me feel a little bit more secure about myself," Bostick said.

Karen Popeszku can relate. She just started showing and wants everyone to know there's a baby on the way.

"I just got out of the awkward stage. I am still wearing normal clothes, just buying a couple of maternity items. Now it's good to show I am pregnant, I'm not just chunky!" she said.

The pins come in three colors. Blue if you're having a boy, pink for a girl and white if you don't know the gender or you just want to keep it a surprise. The pins are designed in the shape of a bow, symbolizing a gift, along with a heart symbolizing a mother's love.

"For a woman, especially in the early stages of her pregnancy, to be able to have a pin to wear to notate that she's pregnant, takes the guess work out of it for people who might not know what to say," Sachse added.

Due in a Few is proud to support the March of Dimes with a portion of the proceeds funding research and programs that help babies begin healthy lives.

"We wanted to give back in some way and the association of the pregnancy pin with the March of Dimes was a perfect fit," Florescu explained.

March of Dimes spokesperson Darcie Wells said it just made sense.

"Due in a Few is all about an expectant mom celebrating the gift that's coming, so it was quite a fitting partnership and we're honored to be a national partner," she said.

Arriagas said she's just proud to be a part of it all.

"Not only is it also a symbol of life and birth and giving all this joy and letting others share with you, it also serves a good cause," she said.

And Local 2 has one more surprise to share. Morning Anchor Lauren Freeman is expecting her third child. She shared the news with Sachse and Florescu and chose a blue pin to wear. Freeman is having a boy!

To learn more about the new company and where to buy the pregnancy pins, visit

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