Dominique Chooses Hat For Royal Wedding

HOUSTON - A royal wedding outfit is not complete without a hat to top it off. So when KPRC Local 2 anchor Dominique Sachse found out she was going to London to cover the royal wedding, she went shopping for the perfect accessory for her head.

"Hat shopping isn't as easy as it sounds," Dominique said.

She headed to Saks Fifth Avenue in the Galleria.

Dominique first got some suggestions of picking a hat. Experts said it should definitely enhance a person's face and show an individual's style.

After trying black hats and purple hats, and hats with ribbons and feathers, Dominique decided to follow a princess' style more than a queen's and she chose a fascinator.

Fascinators are smaller hats, usually put on a headband or a comb.

"You know what I like? It is like a little American flag, so I am bringing a little Americana to England," Dominique said.

Royal hat makers James Lock and Co. are making eight hats for the royal wedding and the company said Kate Middleton's fascination with the fascinator is spreading, so a lot may pop up on Friday.

As for the older set, the bet is on big and yellow for the queen.

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