Dog requires surgery after severe case of animal cruelty

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

HOUSTON - Noah, a German shepherd who doctors believe is about a year and a half old, was removed from his Houston home by animal cruelty investigators after a neighbor called and reported him.

He was found to be in bad shape, with a very visible injury to his right front paw. Part of his foot was missing, leaving several of his bones exposed, and he has a severe open sore on the back of his neck.

"The bones that are showing, there is no flesh on them at all. He's going to need to have his leg amputated," said Dr. David Helcel with VERGI Emergency Animal Hospital.

Doctors are keeping an eye one Noah round the clock and managing his pain.

"He's on oral medications," Helcel said. "He's walking around with the bandage on."

Volunteers with the animal rescue group Val's Pals are raising money and taking care of Noah's vet bills; they would like to see Noah receive an artificial leg after his amputation.

"Hopefully he'll get one because he's a young dog and has a lot of life left in him," said Dr. Laura Noaker, who owns VERGI, located on the Katy Freeway in West Houston.

His amputation will cost $6,000 and the artificial leg will cost several thousand dollars more.

"He is a great dog," said Tiffany Frazier with Val's Pals. "He loves people and is pretty forgiving for all the things he's been through."

Officers are building a case against Noah's owner and he could face animal cruelty charges. The investigation is ongoing.

Warning, following site contains graphic images:

If you'd like to help with Noah's vet bills, a GoFundMe account has been set up.

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