Dog owner says her shar-pei bitten several times at PetSmart day camp

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HOUSTON - When Michelle Lin, the mother of a 3-year-old shar-pei named Zen took her dog to "Doggy Day Camp" at the PetSmart on the West Loop on Wednesday, Jan. 28, in Houston, she said he had no injuries.  She said when she showed up, that night, to pick up her dog, he had been hurt.  She said her dog had been repeatedly bitten.

She said the store tried to reach her, but the calls went to voice mail and she said no calls were placed to her emergency contacts.  She said she agreed to let the store's veterinarian fix up Zen thinking it was only one bite. 

Lin told KPRC 2, "Dogs are like your kids.  I'm a mother and I have a child and if I leave them at day camp and something happens, I expect that they will give you a detailed report and let you know what happened."

Lin said, "When I got him back, he had over 20 staples in him.  It was like beyond what I expected.  I understand that dogs are dogs.  They can play rough and things can happen.  But I just wasn't given any information that really, truly, my dog was attacked from behind."

She said when she finally saw Zen, he had several wounds to his hind legs and chest. 

Lin continued, "It was an attack and had they said that, and kinda prepared me for what I was gonna see, it would probably have been alright.  But I was just shocked.  He had over 20 staples and they were poorly placed and he didn't get great care."

She said PetSmart agreed to pay the veterinarians' bills.  But she said she wants to know how this happened.  She said she keeps calling customer service, but no one called her back.  She ultimately turned to social media to spread the word.  Lin told KPRC 2, "I just really want to know that they are going to give me the information and really let me know how something like this could happen."

PetSmart tells KPRC2 that one dog did bite another dog while at its facility. The company says its customer care representatives will call the owner to help her get the answers she's looking for.

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