Dog missing, family thinks he was stolen

Neighbors saw suspicious red truck

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HOUSTON - A Houston family thinks someone came into their backyard and stole their pet dog, Bubba.

Bubba went missing Thursday morning and his owners think someone came into their southeast Houston neighborhood on Kirkmead and forced their way into the backyard through a tough-to-open gate.

"I think that someone came into the backyard and luckily just took a dog and not someone's life," said owner Benjamin Hord. "But we would really like to have the dog back because it's a part of our family."

Hord said the gate was closed and that someone opened it and took off with Bubba. The dog is a black and white Japanese chin and has been a part of the Hord family for 13 years. Not to mention, Bubba has been a part of their two-year-old daughter's life since she was born.

Hord said his wife searched up and down the street and could not find Bubba. But she said neighbors told her they saw a man in a red pickup truck stopping asking people if they wanted a black and white dog, then drove off. She said no one wrote down a tag number from that pickup.

If you know where to find Bubba, you can e-mail his owner at

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