Dog chews Pearland woman's passport before holiday trip to Mexico

PEARLAND - A Pearland woman almost had to give up her plans to spend Thanksgiving week in Cozumel after her dog used her passport as a chew toy.

Sandra Stephenson was all set to fly to Cozumel this past Saturday with her husband, friends and family. But her 1-year-old Lab mix, Chloe, had other plans.

The family dog grabbed Stephenson's passport off the kitchen counter and chewed part of the corner.

When she got to the airport with her damaged passport, she says the airline refused to let her board the plane.

"Just the corner of it was chewed up, but apparently the barcode or the sku number, even though my numbers and all the information was still readable, but  they declined to let me board the plane on United," said Stephenson.

Thinking it was just a minor setback, she insisted that everyone else board the plane to Cozumel and she hoped to join them the next day.

"I have my suitcase in my car; that's how hopeful I am. This has been going on since Saturday," she said.

Since Saturday, Stephenson has been on the phone with customs, the airlines and has decided to pay a third-party vendor $300 to help process a new passport.

She says Congressman Pete Olson's office (R-Sugar Land) tried to assist her, but the holiday travel headache continued.

"My husband and my family and friends are there. I planned this trip a year ago and we have a beautiful home. They're all there and I'm here." she said.

Late Tuesday afternoon Stephenson received some good news.

Working with the company Your Passport Now, Stephenson was able to secure a new passport. Now she is checking on flights to make sure she can get to Cozumel as soon as possible.

As for Chloe, Stephenson says she still loves her furry friend, who is one of three rescue dogs the family owns.

"She's a great dog and we're very blessed. Hopefully this will be the last of the disasters we have with her."

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