Does chocolate toothpaste really work?

Theodent available at Whole Foods, online

By Amy Davis - Reporter/Consumer Expert

HOUSTON - Chocolate is probably the last thing a parent would give their child if they are worried about cavities, but a new chocolate toothpaste now has dentists thinking differently about the benefits of cocoa.

It's called Theodent, a fluoride-free chocolate toothpaste.

After 10 years of research, Theodent said there is proof that the cocoa extract in the toothpaste is better at strengthening your teeth than fluoride.

KPRC Local 2 took the toothpaste to Smiles for Kids, a pediatric dentist office in Houston. Seven-year-old Clara Belcher was a willing guinea pig. She said she liked the taste. More importantly, Belcher's dentist, Dr. Kasia Lindhorst, said the toothpaste is a good alternative for parents concerned about the effects of fluoride.

"The neat thing about this toothpaste is not that it tastes like chocolate, but it actually is made out of cocoa beans, which according to their claims and the research, have the same tooth strengthening qualities that fluoride does," Lindhorst explained.

Parents have probably noticed the warnings on fluoride toothpaste that it can be harmful if ingested. Since all of the ingredients in Theodent are natural, a child can swallow as much as they like. Although that may set the parents back a bit. The toothpaste costs $9.99 a tube.

Theodent for adults can be purchased at select Whole Foods stores now. The kid's version will be in those stores beginning March 4. Both are available on Theodent's website now.

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