Doctors: Don't be afraid to use an EpiPen

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HOUSTON - More and more children across the country are developing food allergies.

When a child suffers an allegoric reaction, an EpiPen could be the difference between life or death. That's why it's so important for everyone to know how to use them.

Eight-year-old Autumn Tran accidentally took a sip from a drink she thought was juice. It turned the drink also had milk in it, and she's deathly allergic to milk.

"I didn't want to die," said Autumn. "I asked my dad and mom if I could use the EpiPen."

Her mom gave her the EpiPen, and now Autumn is just fine.

Autumn and her mom knew the story about another girl in California who recently died after accidentally eating just a small amount of peanut butter in a Rice Krispies Treat.

"Without hesitation, if you know your child has ingested an allergen that they are allergic to, administer the EpiPen," said Thuy Tran, Autumn's mom.

Natalie Giorgi's parents first gave their daughter Benadryl, waited, then administered two doses of EpiPen, but it was too late.

According to Dr. Alnoor Malick, if your child is having an allergic reaction, don't reach for the Benadryl, just grab the EpiPen.

"It is critical to get that epinephrine into your system quick and early," said Houston-based Dr. Malick.

Many are familiar with the EpiPen, but now there are two more auto-injectors on the market. One is a generic auto injector, and the other is a talking compact injector made by Auvi-Q.

Doctors say no matter which one you choose, don't hesitate and just use it!

Please join Local 2 anchor Dominique Sachse on Saturday, September 7 for the FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) Walk. It's an event seeking a safe world for those living with food allergies. It starts in Hermann Square off 900 Smith Street in Downtown Houston.

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