Doctor makes plea for return of sentimental, stolen journal

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

HOUSTON - Four years ago, Dr. Chris Brann’s life was turned upside down.

His ex-wife took their 3-year-old son on a family vacation to her home country of Brazil and never returned.

“I found out about three weeks later that he wasn’t coming home,” Brann told KPRC in an exclusive interview. “It was the most agonizing moment of my life.”

Brann has since devoted his life to fighting for Nico. He has a team of lawyers working on the case.

“I’ve been fighting a difficult battle in numerous Brazilian courts,” he said. “This has been devastating financially, emotionally and spiritually.”

In Houston, the little boy’s bedroom remains exactly the same. There are photos and memories of Nico everywhere.

Brann travels to Brazil as often as he can, but he has no parental rights there and is only allowed to see his son every other day for a few hours under court-appointed supervision.

Father and son try to keep in touch through Skype about once a week, Brann told KPRC, if Nico’s mom allows it.

“He was three at the time he was abducted, he’s now seven. Every single day he’s been gone, I’ve been fighting to have him returned,” said Brann.

One of the things Brann has done is keep a journal.

“I can’t imagine what it feels like for my son to suddenly have a loving parent taken out of his life and to not have a real explanation,” he said. “I have documented my personal feelings, emotions, my fears, my hopes, my dreams, in hopes that one day, when he was old enough, I could share it with him and give it to him so that he would know exactly what went on.”

Sadly, one week ago, Brann’s car was broken into at Memorial Park. His journal, among other things, was stolen.

“It’s the single object in my life that has the most value," said Brann.

Brann was parked off Picnic Lane near the softball and baseball fields when the theft occurred. He’s hoping someone will find his journal and return it.

It was in a small, brown leather case with a handle. Brann is offering a reward for information that leads to his lost journal.

“This journal was so important to me, I would do anything to have it back,” he said. “If there is anyone out there who knows where it is, I beg you from the bottom of my heart, please return it.”

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