Dispute over parking spot in Baytown nearly turns deadly after stabbing

Victim says he was jumped and stabbed multiple times

BAYTOWN - A dispute over a parking spot leads to a near fatal attack.

Sergio Duran was at a Baytown Walmart about to turn in to a parking spot, when he says Molino Sotillo came from the opposite side and jumped in front of him.

Duran says he got out of his car and asked Sotillo why he took the parking spot.

After a few seconds of arguing, the two men went their separate ways.

"When I looked in the rear view mirrors I seen him talking to one of his buddies in another SUV. He started running towards me and the SUV started following me, they caught up to me," Duran said.

According to Duran, he stepped out of his car again and was ambushed by Sotillio and his friend.

"They started jumping me and they took me to the ground," said Duran.

Duran says he tried to fight back, but Sotillo started stabbing him, then he ran off.

"I saw how bad I was bleeding so I just drove myself to the hospital," said Duran.

As Duran talked to an officer in the ER, he said, "While the cop was writing the report, another officer from the police station radioed her and said 'I think we have your suspect'."

Duran says Sotillo had walked into the police station, claiming to be the victim of the assault at Walmart.

Investigators say they questioned Sotillo and arrested him, after he eventually admitted to stabbing Duran.

Duran said, "The doctor told me that if it wasn't for my size, if I had been smaller, I wouldn't have made it."

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