Details revealed about Lanza family

Reports: Adam cutt off communication with father

HOUSTON - New information has been revealed about the gunman in the mass shooting at a Connecticut elementary school and his relationship with his father.

A source close to the family told NBC News that Adam Lanza had cut off communication with his father, refusing to see him. Investigators said Peter Lanza is a successful finance executive at General Electric, part-owner of NBC Universal.

A source close to the family said in 2001, Peter Lanza separated from Adam's mother, Nancy, but he still saw Adam every week. In 2009, the Lanzas officially divorced, when Adam was 17.

"They were the type of parents, even when they were married, even as well as being separated, if the kids had the need, they would definitely fill it," said Adam Lanza's aunt, Marsha Lanza.

According to a source, by 2010, Peter Lanza was dating a new woman, whom he later married and Adam suddenly cut his dad off, despite his father's attempts to see him. Peter Lanza has not seen or heard from his son since then.

NBC News obtained the divorce documents between Adam's parents.

Peter and Nancy agreed on joint legal custody of Adam.

He lived full-time with his mom in a spacious Connecticut home and Adam's dad was fully supporting them.

In 2012, he paid more than $289,000 in alimony.

Peter Lanza also volunteered to pay for Adam's college, car and medical insurance.

According to their divorce mediator, Adam's parents were concerned about his needs, and Nancy didn't like to leave him alone.

The source close to the family told NBC News that Adam's father never saw any violent behavior from him.

Police are investigating what caused Adam's violent spiral.

His father hasn't spoken publicly, just releasing a statement expressing he can't comprehend what has unfolded.

He is saddened and struggling to make sense of it and he's "cooperating fully with law enforcement."

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