Desperate plea made to save nearly 100 dogs in Santa Fe

By Syan Rhodes - Anchor/Reporter

SANTA FE, Texas - Nearly 100 dogs could soon be homeless if they aren't rescued from a Galveston County animal shelter.

Dog Dynasty in Santa Fe is closing its doors Jan. 10 after a change in ownership.

It was supposed to be a temporary haven, founded by a woman who loved pit bulls but eventually took all breeds.

"She took on too many. People would drop them off, and say they would pay to feed them and they would pay if she would keep them and they would never come back," said Susie West of SAVE Rescue.

In May, Sonya Childs, a Dog Dynasty volunteer, bought the building and offered to take over the nonprofit.

"She just got overwhelmed with everything. I said if you'll step aside I'll try to do what I can for the dogs and go from there," Childs said.

But seven months later, with few adoptions and fewer donations, Childs says there are too many dogs to care for and is shutting the place down.

"I didn't have a plan going forward when took this place over,I just didn't know what I was getting into, plain and simple, I do know I want the dogs to have a home," she told Local 2.

Groups like SAVE rescue are now stepping in to help.

"We're trying to find fosters for all the dogs that are here and then find them homes. That's what we do," West said.

More rescue groups are needed to take in dogs as well as donations of food and blankets.

For those interested in making a donation to Dog Dynasty, you can contact the Texas City Feed Store at 409-945-7731 or the Angel Animal Hospital at 713-944-2424 or through a PayPal account at

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