Deputies: Toddler critically injured after fall from window

Paramedics transport toddler to hospital by helicopter

HOUSTON - A toddler was critically injured at an apartment complex in east Harris County after deputies said he fell from a second-story window.

Paramedics wheeled the child to an ambulance from the Lafayette Apartments in the 4800 block of the East Sam Houston Parkway near Sterling Green.

Christina Williams, who lives nearby, said she saw the toddler after he fell and described the mother as hysterical.

"I was freaking out like it was my child, because it could've been my child," said Williams.

Williams said she was walking her 2-year-old child to the playground when she saw the toddler on the ground in a pool of blood. She and a witness said the baby apparently was asleep inside the second-story apartment when he woke up and climbed into the window sill.

Williams said he then leaned on the screen and it gave way, sending him head first to the pavement about 25 feet below.

"He was bleeding from the top of his head to his chin," said Williams. "It looked like his face was swollen up when they took him away."

The child's injuries were so severe, paramedics eventually had him transported to the hospital by helicopter.

The accident has parents in the complex watching their children a little more closely.

"Pay attention more to my child," said Athiena Jackson, who lives nearby. "I would not want that to be my child. I would not want to be in that predicament at all."

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