Deputies search for robbers in NW Harris County

5 robbers steal from cellphone store, get away with cash, phones

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - Deputies are investigating after five masked robbers entered a northwest Harris County store and got away with cellphones and cash.

The incident happened at a cellphone store in at Bammel North Houston and the Tomball Parkway.

After the robbers -- three of them armed -- entered the store, two employees dropped to the floor and one employee was in the back of the store when one of the robbers fired into the display case, and stole phones and $700 in cash.

Deputies said the employee in the back came out and started firing at the robbers, who then fled in a red Dodge truck.

"The owner came up, you know, seemed like to check to make sure everything was good," said Chris Figueroa, co-owner of the ice cream store next door to the cell phone business. "But he was bleeding. I guess they hit him with the gun in the back of the head."

One of the bullets from the employee went into an adjacent building, but no one was hurt at that time, deputies said. However, people at the scene said someone was placed in an ambulance.

"Everybody just went behind the desk," said Figuero "Pretty much they got scared and went behind the desk to see what's going on."

It appeared the robbers ditched the truck a few miles away. K-9 units searched the vehicle to try to pick up a scent, officials said.

One robbery suspect was in the back seat of a squad car. Deputies said they were still looking for the others Thursday night.

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