Deputies search for man who approached kids during little league game

Witness says man asked children for their names, took pictures

HOUSTON - Parents were on high alert Wednesday after an unfamiliar face showed up during a little league game at El Franco Lee Park.

Denny Wranich with Sagemont Beverly Hills Little League said most of the time it's just families, friends and kids having a good time and playing ball.

But an unfamiliar face showed up to Tuesday night's baseball game, causing parents to be uneasy.

"He claims he was a scout with the Houston Astros and he was wanting to get information on children, specifically 10, 11 and 12 year olds," said Wranich.

At first, Wranich thought the man was curious about the league. But when he went over to the dugout and started asking kids' for their names and taking pictures with his phone, Wranich knew it was a red flag.

Wranich didn't waste anytime and reported the man to Houston police and Harris County Sheriff's deputies.

"We contacted the park departments in here and I went and spoke with him myself and said, 'Hey, it's time for you to go,'" said Wranich. "So he left and we made it aware to the park and the authorities."

Wranich said deputies who patrol the park will keep a look out for the man.

Parents have posted warnings on Facebook in hopes of spreading the word to other leagues before a child is harmed.

"It could be the nicest person in the world but you have no idea until you start talking to them. So I'd say other leagues and people who are in the park here just be careful who's around your children," said Wranich.

Parents had a picture of the man but since police have not arrested him or charged him, Local 2 is not showing the picture.

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