Deputies: Puppy shot in bag, dumped

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas - At just 6-weeks-old, an innocent puppy took her last breath in a Montgomery County veterinary emergency hospital on Sunday.

The trauma from a bullet wound to her neck was too much for her little body to overcome.

Sheriff's deputies say an oil field worker found the puppy abandoned in a field off of FM 3083 on Saturday.

"When he opened the gate, he found a bag on the side of the access road. The bag appeared to be moving," said Captain Tim Holifield. "He got out, opened the bag up and there he finds this animal."

Animal control workers rushed the puppy to a veterinarian, who believed the Shepherd mix had a 50 percent chance of pulling through. But on Sunday, the puppy went into cardiac arrest and died.

The heartless shooting comes just one month after a similarly vicious attack on another dog.

"It's really becoming concerning to Montgomery County officials when we see that this is the second animal now that's been found shot in the eastern quadrant of Montgomery County and dumped on the side of the road," said Holifield.

On Bulldog Lane, a three-year-old mix now known as Buckshot was found close to death. The dog was stuffed inside a plastic bag and shot in the face.

Tami Augustyn, who has been helping nurse Buckshot back to health, spoke to Local 2 about the cases of animal cruelty in the area.

"I don't understand it. I don't understand it because you will never find anything that will love you like a dog. Why would injure something like it?" said Augustyn.

Anyone with information on the cases is urged to contact the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.

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