Deputies: Mother accused of beating 7 year-old disabled son

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Lacresha Lychelle Williams

HOUSTON - According to court documents, Lacresha Willams and her girlfriend Shontell Young, beat Williams 7 year0old disabled son.

Investigators say Williams and Young abused the boy over an extended period of time.

Court documents show that authorties found out about the alleged abuse earlier this month.

They said the boy arrived at school with severe cut on his hands and was full of blood.

The boy told the school counselor and school nurse that his mother's girlfriend cut his fingers with a yellow knife while cutting tape off of his hands.

Administrators asked why there was tape around his hands, but the child could not elaborate.

The school nurse said the boy's fingers were bleeding so profusely that they had to be bandaged several times.

Documents further elaborated on the abuse, the child said that if he urinated on himself during the night, he would be forced to wear the soiled clothing to school the next day.

Administrators said that the child was always hungry at school and would always steal food from his classmates, teacher and the cafeteria.

The child and his siblings were taken to Texas Children's Hospital for an assessment, there he told them he was pushed down and dragged across the garage.

He also said he was constantly "whooped" and did not receive food as punishment.

The child had multiple extensive scars and scratches over his back, face, neck, arms, stomach and legs, according to court documents.

The boy suffered abdominal distension and elevated belly labs indicative of chronic abuse.

A physician's statement suggested the child could have suffered permanent physical damage or death resulting from failure to obtain immediate medical treatment.

Doctors said the child had been severely abused, tortured and neglected.

Both women were arrested and booked into the Harris County Jail.

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