Deputies: Man approaches girls multiple times after school

Officials say man asks for girl's phone number each time

HOUSTON - Deputies are urging parents in a northwest Harris County neighborhood to be made aware of a man that has reportedly approached young girls after school.

According to deputies, the most recent incident occurred Tuesday afternoon after two seventh grade girls from Roberson Middle School were dropped off by their school bus.

As the two girls walked passed the intersection of Sablechase and Sableridge, they noticed a man following closely behind them in a red two-door sports car. The girls described the man as Hispanic with black hair and in his 30s.
According to one of the girl's parents, who wished to stay anonymous, this was the third time in less than a month that the same man has tried talking to their daughter.

Each time, authorities said he asked the girl for her phone number. Fearing for her safety, she called 911 and the man drove away, deputies said.

"You have to be really lost for you to go as far as (picking) out a kid and stop them and ask them questions," neighbor Franklin Alabi said. "If he's looking for information, he can pretty much stop in any neighborhood."

Authorities said the man, however, isn't facing any criminal charges because he's never actually come in physical contact with the students.

Residents said his presence in their neighborhood is unsettling.

"If you even hear about it." Alabi said. "It definitely will raise a lot of concern for parents in the neighborhood."

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