Deputies find 100 marijuana plants in warehouse

HOUSTON - A strong odor and a stolen car resulted in a drug bust in southeast Houston Thursday.

A Harris County Precinct 6 deputy spotted a stolen car on Lamar at Scott streets at 7 p.m. Wednesday.

"When he conducted his investigation, he detected a strong odor, burning marijuana, emitting from inside the warehouse," said Lt. Julio Banda with Harris County Precinct 6.

Officials said the deputy constables executed a search warrant at the warehouse shortly after 12 a.m. Thursday and found more than 100 marijuana plants 5 feet tall. They also found 30 to 40 pre-bundled marijuana packages in five-gallon bags ready to be sold, authorities said.

The drugs are worth about $250,000.

"People will take the opportunity to rent these warehouses, conduct these marijuana growth operations. It can happen anywhere," Banda said. "It's a step forward in letting these people know we're going to be here, and alert."

One person was arrested at the warehouse. His name was not released.

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