Deputies discover bodies of man, woman in garage in Mission Bend

By Marisa Breese - News Producer, Mark Boyle - Reporter

HOUSTON - Harris County homicide detectives are investigating after two people were found dead in Mission Bend on Wednesday.

Deputies found the bodies of a man and woman in the garage of a home around 5 p.m. off La Mancha Drive.

Officers were doing a welfare check on the homeowners, after relatives expressed concern about the couple who lived in the home.

Detectives noticed a foul odor that was coming from the home. They say the couple may have died several days ago but were not discovered until Sept. 3.

The SUV parked in the had two shattered windows and what appears to be two bullet holes in the driver side of the vehicle.

Neighbor Bonnie Ezzell says she heard what sounded like a loud bang several days before the bodies were found.

"It was just a pop of some kind," she said. "It could have been a car backfiring, it could have been a gunshot. It could have been fireworks left over from the Fourth of July."

People living on La Mancha are worried these deaths could affect their safety.

"It does concern me because it means they could be somebody from here or somebody coming in the area because it hasn't been hit before," said neighbor Sue Ezzell.

"It is crazy, it is unbelievable, people say oh it never happens in my neighborhood, it never happens over here, most of the time it happens on the other side of Bellaire," says Rosalind McGowan.

The victims had moved into the house just a few weeks before they were found dead. Detectives collected bags of evidence from the scene as part of a capital murder investigation.

The names of those involved have not yet been released.

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