Delivery driver robbed, carjacked

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

HUMBLE, Texas - Harris County deputy constables are looking for the man who carjacked and robbed a sandwich delivery man.

Seth Odom, 18, said he had just delivered sandwiches to the Stoneleigh on Kenswick apartments in Humble less than a mile away from his job when a man approached his SUV Friday night.

Odom put up a fight when the crook swung open his door, but gave up when the man told him he had a gun and would use it if necessary. The suspect drove away with food, money, and other valuables in Odom's personal vehicle.

"He didn't just take my Jeep," said Odom. "He took literally my job. That's how I delivered. I didn't walk into those apartments that night, you know? I drove what was mine, my own property."

Odom has been off the job since the robbery.

The full-time student also works full-time and needs his SUV returned so he can continue his delivery job and continue classes.

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