Deer Park student arrested after allegedly making social media threats

By Kelci Johnston - News Producer , Courtney Gilmore - Anchor/Reporter , Jill Courtney

DEER PARK, Texas - Deer Park police have arrested 15-year-old boy who allegedly made several threats on social media using an anonymous account.

Around 9:15 p.m. Wednesday, police said a Deer Park High School-North Campus student made a threat on Twitter. He threatened to bring a gun to school and shoot others who had bullied him. The tweets read:

"My name starts with an a I have been bullied for 5 years and I'm taking matters in to my own hands [sic]"

"But I'm bringing a gun to school and killing any one who has ever [expletive] with me then taking my own life [sic]"

"Nothing will stop me so you might not wanna come to school tomarrow [sic]"

Deer Park ISD officials said no specific school or student was mentioned in the threat, but a photo of a female North Campus student was included in the threatening message. Students, parents and others quickly reported it to the proper authorities.

The Deer Park Police Department conducted a detailed investigation and was assisted by Twitter officials and other organizations that resulted in the arrest of the student who made the threat.

Officials said the 15-year-old student is in the ninth grade.

Police said his parents are cooperating with the authorities. 

Police believe the student acted alone and had no plan, no access to weapons, and simply made a spontaneous threat.

Students posted their own responses on social media.

"I never thought this would happen at Deer Park High School," wrote one student.

"Not only praying for Deer Park, but for a generation that is hurting and lost," wrote another student. "Whoever that kid is... serious or not, you're not alone."

The student was arrested around 4 a.m. Thursday and charged with exhibition of a firearm. Police say they did a complete search of the young man's home and did not find any weapons.

Although police believe he was alone in making the threat, there will be an increased security presence at the high school on Thursday as a precaution.

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