Debby bringing flooding rains to Florida

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Five day precipitation estimates for Florida with Tropical Storm Debby.

As everyone who lived through Tropical Storm Allison in 2001 knows, a stalled or slowly-moving tropical storm is incredibly dangerous. The big reason is flooding. All of the moisture from the Gulf of Mexico is being brought to Florida by Debby and, with no movement, flooding rain is possible. Look at the five-day precipitation forecast. Rainfall totals the last two days in parts of Florida is approaching 15 inches. With another 10"-17" forecast, some still could see 2 feet or more at a few spots by end of the week. Not many people have gone though what we went through with Allison. We'll see if parts of Florida get added to that list.

It looks like the nearly stationary forecast with slow weakening is verifying so far. We'll see if Debby lasts long enough to emerge in the Atlantic and be a factor up the shipping lanes later this week into the Fourth of July.

I put together a webcast explaining why we saw the dramatic shifts in Debby's track over the weekend. 

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