DEA officer shoots man in Houstonian parking lot

Undercover investigation sends 1 to hospital


Bullet holes are visible in the windshield of a suspect's SUV after investigators say a DEA agent fired shots at the vehicle.

Investigators say the man in the SUV accelerated towards the officer, forcing him to discharge his weapon.

"He's outside his vehicle at the time, the suspect is in his SUV at the time, revving his engine, knowing he's about to be cornered by a number of other agents. He probably had every intention of running down the DEA agent and anyone else who got in his way." Said John Cannon an H.P.D. Spokesperson.

According to investigators it happened during an undercover investigation involving a narcotics task force.

The suspect was taken to the hospital and three others were taken into custody.

The Houston Police Department and the District Attorney's office said they are investigating the shooting.

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