Dash cam video played at trial of man accused of killing Bellaire officer

An innocent bystander was also fatally shot

By Phil Archer - Reporter

HOUSTON - Dramatic new video showing a Bellaire police officer moments before and after he was murdered was played in court Tuesday during the trial of the man accused in his death.

Harlem Lewis is on trial for the murder of Bellaire Police Sergeant Jimmie Norman and MAACO service shop owner Terry Taylor in 2012.

The video has never been shown in public before Tuesday, when it was shown in court.

A security camera atop Terry Taylor's body shop recorded Lewis pulling into the parking lot, followed by a truck Lewis had side-swiped as he was chased by Officer Norman.

Norman's patrol car is close behind, and the officer quickly sprinted forward to arrest Lewis who was sitting in his car out of camera range.

What that camera doesn't show is Norman being shot in the head just minutes later as he struggled with Lewis, and Lewis coming out of his car to shoot Terry Taylor, who had come out of his office to help Norman.

Officer Doug Clausen testified he rolled up to the scene to find Lewis standing over Norman's body.

"In my mind, he'd just executed a uniformed police officer," said Clausen.

Dash cam video shows Clausen coming out of his car firing at Lewis.

His partner, Lt. Bill Bledsoe, testified that Lewis fired two shots at them as they pulled up. Lewis he said was wounded in the exchange, but still managed to run. Both officers testified he was apprehended a short time later trying to hide under a truck.

Bledsoe choked up as he described finding Norman's body. As the video was played Tuesday, Lewis turned his head down. His attorney says Lewis has been overwhelmed with regret.

"If something had gone differently, if he had acted differently, perhaps someone had responded differently, this wouldn't have happened. Honestly that's mostly what's been going through his mind," said defense attorney Patrick McCann.

Lewis is facing two counts of capital murder, one each in the deaths of Jimmie Norman and Terry Taylor.

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