Dancing crossing guard battling breast cancer brings joy to Baytown community

By Sofia Ojeda - Anchor/Reporter

BAYTOWN, Texas - It's not every day you see some serious dance moves on your way to dropping the kids off at school. But one Goose Creek Independent School District crossing guard is dancing her heart away, every day.

Bonnie Woodard is battling breast cancer for the second time, but she chooses to smile and dance every single day, not just to keep her spirits up but to keep everyone else's up too.

"When I wake up in the morning I just ask God to fill my heart, soul and mouth with Him, and let me spread it throughout the world," Woodard said.

She definitely dances like nobody is watching. She loves to make everyone smile.

"Misery does not love company and I don't want to put misery on anybody," Woodard said.

Even though she is going through some rough times.

"My struggles go every day. I wake up with my struggles, now I'm going throughout my breast cancer I have my mother here who is going through Alzheimer's and stage four kidney disease and I'm taking care of her," Woodard said.

But she says there is no better way to fight back and get through it than to smile and dance and send out those positive vibes.

"There's enough struggles in the world, and nobody else needs to meet mine," Woodard sadi.

Check out more of her dance moves on YouTube.

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