Dad accused of strangling 6-week-old

Michael Mancillas charged with injury to child

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Michael Mancillas

CYPRESS, Texas - A man has been accused of strangling his 6-week-old daughter.

Michael Mancillas, 22, has been charged with injury to a child.

Harris County sheriff's deputies said the 6-week-old was taken to Texas Children's Hospital on Oct. 25. She had suffered old and new subdural brain bleeds, lacerations to the back of her throat, bruising around her neck and a tear to her soft palate, doctors said.

The girl's mother said that when she left the house that morning, her daughter was fine. She later received a phone call from her husband, who told her to "come home and take care of your baby," police said.

The mother went home and found the baby was limp and gurgling with blood coming from her mouth, investigators said. Deputies said she told them that Mancillas told her that the baby woke up that way.

Detectives said Mancillas told them that he had not had much sleep in the past three days and was irritated. He said he went to feed the baby but didn't have a nipple for the bottle, so we took the baby to a bathroom to get a nipple. As he washed the nipple, a "huge wave of exhaustion" came over him, deputies said Mancillas told them.

Deputies said that Mancillas told them that when he took the baby back to the bedroom, he opened the door and a cat tried to get out. He pushed the cat with his foot and the baby began to squirm, detectives said Mancillas told them.

Investigators said Mancillas told them that the baby fell head-first down a staircase and that her neck was fully hyper-extended during the fall. According to court documents, Mancillas told investigators that he lunged to catch the baby and put his full body weight on the girl's neck. Mancillas said he might have picked his daughter up by her neck, deputies said.

According to court documents, the girl's injuries were not caused by an accident and were caused by strangulation and something being forced into the girl's mouth.

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