Cyclist spots bobcat in park

By Gianna Caserta - Reporter
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HOUSTON - An avid cyclist was biking down a trail near Buffalo Bayou in George Bush Park, when something crawling out of the woods caught his eye

Carl Wagner bikes along the trail several times a week, but his ride on Tuesday was not only memorable but also a little frightening.

"All of a sudden, out of the woods, I thought it was a cat, a large a house cat, but pretty quickly noticed it was larger, pointy ear … weighed about 40 pounds," said Wagner.

It was a bobcat just a few miles from the subdivision where Wagner lives, Saddlebrook Crossing. He said this wasn't the first time he saw one so close to home.

"I also saw another bobcat jump over the fence and heard some sounds from the back yard. The next thing I know he has a house cat in his mouth and he is going back across the street and up a tree. Things like that make you second guess -- am I really safe or not?" said Wagner.

With the sporadic encounters with the animal, he said he worries about young kids in the neighborhood since he has noticed bobcats aren't scared of humans.

"They do get to a pretty good size and I think they could take down a large animal or a small child if they are by themselves," said Wagner.

This isn't the only fascinating yet dangerous animal he has spotted near his neighborhood.

"It is a growth area. We are definitely moving into their habitat. About a year ago we had a large fire in the park and one of the things that happened is it burned several hundred acres. It drove (out) a lot of wildlife. We have seen bobcats, hogs, alligators," said Wagner.

Wagner plans to take a camera with him on every bike ride just in case he sees anything else out of the ordinary.

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