Customers targeted at gun shops

KATY, Texas - Thieves are targeting vehicles at more than one Houston-area gun shop and investigators say they've got their eyes open for one thing in particular.

When you pull up to the Tactical Firearms Store and Gun Range near Katy on South Mason Road, chances are you have a gun or your looking for one. In one case, a group of thieves went there here to steal weapons, and store surveillance cameras captured it all.

Jeremy Alcede spent more than 15 years in law enforcement and now owns the store. He said looking at the video, he believes these guys are not amateurs.

In the video, you can see a white SUV pull into the parking lot to serve as a look out.

Then, a silver Nissan with two more suspects inside can be seen pulling into the parking lot.

One man jumps out and cases several cars, eventually finding prime targets with valuables visible inside the cars.

The suspect quickly smashes the window and takes several guns the victim bought at the store.

The man can be seen on the video doing the same at a second car. While that man is stealing, the lookout goes inside to distract the employees and is caught on camera in the process.

Investigators said, minutes later, the men drove away. Right before turning on to a busy street, the vehicles stop. According to investigators, one man gets out and passes off the stolen items to a guy in the other SUV.

Alcede said the owner of AJC gun shop in Katy told him the cars of several of their customers were targeted a week earlier.

If you have any information, call the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

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