Customer speaks out after fight at Walmart

By Syan Rhodes - Anchor/Reporter

DEER PARK, Texas - A head-butt turned into a brawl between a shopper and a Walmart employee over the weekend.

KPRC2 first showed you this video Monday. Now, the shopper who delivered the head-butt is speaking out.

"I hope I broke her nose," Jessica Albitz said. "I hope she has two black eyes, and I hope she remembers me for the rest of her life.

Albitz said the fight was the end result of bad customer service during a tax session at the Jackson Hewitt location inside a Deer Park Walmart on Friday.

"She started talking trash at my husband," Albitz said.

Albitz said she returned to the store the next day to do some shopping.

"Her curtain was open about this far, and she mumbled under her breath some profound language," Albitz said. "I turned around and said something back, and she got out her cubicle and chased me to the entrance."

"She spit in my face, calling my mother a (expletive). I'm sorry. I love my family and I'm going to take up for my people."

The employee chose not to press charges against Albitz, but she did get a trespass warning.

"I was willing to take the charges," Albitz said. "If I were to have charges taken, I would've accepted that. For the remainder of my life, I am no longer allowed to go to Walmart on Spencer Highway."

When asked if she had any regrets over the incident, Albitz responded, "No. If she did it, I would do it all over again and harder."

KPRC2 was unable to reach the tax worker for her side of the story. Jackson Hewitt said she has been placed on administrative leave.

Her employer at the city of La Porte said she's worked there for 15 years with no problems, and he was shocked by the video. He is now investigating whether she violated the city's code of conduct.

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