Customer: BBQ joint charges over $1K for 1 meal

School teacher says restaurant admitted error, but has yet to refund her

MAGNOLIA, Texas - A barbeque bill dispute has a retired police officer and his wife out $1,365.03.

Laura Corzine said she thought a trip to Dickey's Barbecue Pitin the Magnolia area would make for a cheap and easy dinner. The woman said she ordered a $16 meal.

"I thought I'd run in there and get BBQ and my daughter, I got a sandwich for her," she said.

The total for the meal and a sweet tea came to $16. That's why she was shocked when she checked her debit card statement the next day and saw a $1,365.03 deduction.

To be exact, Corzine had been charged for enough sweet tea for 400 people.

"My husband's a retired police officer, I'm a school teacher. We don't have that kind of money lying around…," she said.

Given what Corzine calls an obvious mistake on Dickey'spart, she said she thought it would be easy to clear up.

According to Corzine, the restaurant admitted to the error and promised to give her money back when she showed the manager a copy of the bill.

Corzine said that still hasn't happened even after more than 50 calls to the restaurant and its corporate offices.

"That's been going on for 13 days now, nobody's called me after they promised they would," she said.

The restaurant manager said he has already started the process of giving Corzine her refund, but that his computer crashed and he can't complete the refund until he gets a new one.

"She has to understand that's not something that's in my hands that a computer," he said. "Hopefully by Monday she should receive her full money back."

That gives little comfort to Corzine, who said she should not have to wait so long for what is rightfully her money.

"That's a lot of money and big inconvenience," she said.

Meanwhile, Dickey's manager wants to offer free meals to the family.

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