Custody Decided For Clara Harris' Children

Harris' Friends, In-Laws Hug After Agreement Announcement

ANGLETON, Texas - A decision was announced Monday in the custody case of Clara Harris' twin boys while she serves a life sentence for killing their father with her car, News2Houston reported in an exclusive story.

A custody agreement was reached between Clara Harris' in-laws, and Pat and Ana Jones of Friendswood. The Joneses are Harris' friends.

"It was a very tearful, joyous event in the judge's chambers," said Lenette Terry, Clara Harris' attorney. "We came to a very amicable settlement, where the boys are going to live primarily with Ana and Pat Jones. But they're going to see their grandparents a lot."

After her arrest last year, Clara Harris gave her in-laws, Gerald and Mildred Harris, custody of the twins, Brian and Bradley.

Clara Harris later said that she wanted the Joneses to raise her sons instead, because they also have 5-year-old twin boys.

The boys will see their grandparents every other weekend. Both sides came up with the agreement together.

"I think the Joneses are prepared to take care of these boys," said Lloyd Stansberry, the Joneses' attorney. "I think the Harris' see the Joneses are a good choice and I think everything is going to work well with the parties, and hopefully give the kids a normal life."

For the past several months, the boys lived part-time with both families.

Before the deal received the judge's final approval, both parties, as well as the twins, underwent psychiatric evaluations.

The decision was made official in court Monday.

"Clara and her in-laws hugged and cried and the Joneses and Mr. and Mrs. Harris and Clara all hugged and cried. And it made us cry," Terry said.

The Harrises told News2Houston they were happy with the decision.

A Harris County jury sentenced Clara Harris to 20 years in prison after finding her guilty of murdering her orthodontist husband, David Harris, 44, on July 24. The incident occurred after a confrontation between Clara and David Harris and David's acknowledged lover, Gail Bridges, in the lobby of the Hilton Nasa Clear Lake, Nasa Road 1, in Nassau Bay.

Clara Harris is serving her sentence at the Mountview facility in Gatesville, Texas.

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