Cure for MRSA may lie in ancient potion recipe

By Haley Hernandez - Health Reporter

HOUSTON - A mixture of garlic and onion, plus wine, with bile from a cow's stomach -- brew that in a brass vessel ... and voila!

A new promising cure for the MRSA bacteria straight from the recipe of an ancient potion.

A UK woman, Christina Lee, who studies the medieval period found the recipe and worked with microbiologists at the University of Nottingham to replicate the potion. So far, they say it's worked to cure the MRSA virus in four lab tests.

"This a new thing we're looking at, we're going back to history to look for all the antimicrobials, now that we're experiencing antimicrobial resistance," Luis Ostrosky, M.D., UTHealth Medical School, said.

Kimberly Kool, told KPRC 2 last June about the hospital acquired infection she got after delivering her daughter.

"She looked at my mom and said your daughter is really sick and we aren't sure what's happening," Kool recalled. "You can get sick in a hospital and I did not think that before then."

The deadly infection was just as scary to her as it is to medical professionals who are becoming powerless at fighting them.

"We're starting to need more antibiotics because we're losing the ability to treat this bacteria with antibiotics we currently have," Ostrosky said. "We have less and less antibiotics on the pipeline so we're headed into a dangerous zone."

With the danger zone ahead, doctors and researchers are hoping past potions will come back to save the future.

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