Crosby Widow Murdered, Found In Beaumont

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

BEAUMONT, Texas - Police in Beaumont say a 51 year old widow from Crosby was led to her death by someone she knew well and trusted.

Frightened neighbors tell Local 2 Kimberly Grant had recently been doing a lot of online dating and investigators want to know if there is a connection.

Crosby's body was found more than an hour's drive away from her home north of Beaumont last Friday.

Someone dumped it there along a canal roadway leading to a hunting lease. The medical examiner says grant died from a single gunshot wound.

Police believe they know several things about Grant's killer or killers. They were familiar with the area near Beaumont where the body was dumped.

They knew grant well. And they knew her well enough to be able to take advantage of her.

Neighbors tell Local 2 she was a kind and trusting, but lonely woman, who had been doing some online dating. Authorities also are looking for Grant's gold Cadillac SRX crossover, which is missing from her home.

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