Crooks target car rims, tires in Pearland

Police estimate it will cost $7,000 for man's replacement rims, tires

PEARLAND, Texas - Some bold crooks in Pearland are focusing on car rims and tires. In just a matter of 24 hours, police said they stripped away thousands of dollars' worth of car rims from vehicles parked in neighborhood driveways.

It happened Tuesday night and took just a matter of minutes.

"I came back home, the truck was in the driveway, sitting on two blocks and four tires were gone," said Kathy Risner.

Risner couldn't believe her eyes. When she spotted her neighbor's truck after the rims and tires were stolen.

Several vehicles were hit, including a 2009 Cadillac Escalade, which was left sitting on blocks after crooks removed the rims and tires. The owner was asleep inside and said he never heard a sound.

At another home in Pearland, a 2008 Dodge Durango was left sitting on landscaping bricks after someone stole the vehicle's expensive rims and tires.

"I think it's a safe neighborhood," said Risner. "The kids go out and play, everybody's not worried that, safe I guess."

The crime spree happened in one night in five different locations. It has left Pearland homeowners worried about protecting their own property.

"He needed to put locks on his tires, on the rims," said Risner. "So I was very shocked."

Police said all of the stolen rims and tires have one thing in common: They were expensive. Police estimate his will cost $7,000 to replace.

Neighbors said they will keep a close eye on their vehicles until the crooks are caught.

"Can't park both of them in the garage, it's scary," said Mary Chatagnier. "Go somewhere else or catch them."

Many of the victims said they were insured, but are still fighting with their insurance company to cover the entire cost of replacing their rims and tires.

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