Crooks steal expensive landscaping in The Heights

Neighbors frustrated after shrubs, holiday decorations, wind chimes swiped

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

HOUSTON - There are now five holes in the ground where five boxwood plants used to be. A homeowner in the 400 block of Archer Street in The Heights woke up Thursday morning to find someone had swiped his shrubs.

Neighbors said it's frustrating.

"We're just talking about how silly it's getting," said Tim Goings, who has lived down the street for 30 years. "People take stuff off our porches and stuff, but this was planted in the ground!"

"It's just very frustrating," said Paula Snyder, who lives across the street. "You don't put pumpkins or poinsettias or anything on your porch, because you know they're going to be taken. I had two chairs stolen off my porch when I first moved in."

Potted plants, holiday decorations and even wind chimes have been stolen off porches in the Heights neighborhood, but residents said this recent theft is ridiculous.

"You just shake your head," Snyder told Local 2. "It's like a new low."

"Are we going to have to start chaining down our in-ground vegetation? It's really frustrating," said Goings.

Neighbors said they contacted the police and have asked for more patrols in the area but they aren't sure that will help. In the meantime, they just want other neighbors to know this is happening so they don't continue to put items out for the thieves to take.

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