Crooks follow woman, steal cash out of car

HOUSTON - A Houston family is out almost $1,500 after crooks followed a woman and broke into her car that was parked inside a secure Galleria-area parking garage.

"The window was smashed, folded over and the glove box was open," said Allisa Ketchum.

According to Ketchum, the thieves were watching her every move as she went to the Chase Bank on San Felipe and Post Oak to deposit cash on Tuesday. However, she ran out of time and drove back to work.

Surveillance video shows Ketchum pulling into a parking garage on Post Oak near the West Loop. The suspected thief and his accomplice can been seen trying to drive in right after her.

The video shows Ketchum and the suspected thief passing right by, right next to one another, inside the parking garage.

"I didn't think he didn't belong. I mean, I never think that anybody doesn't belong in that area because you have to have a gate card to get to that point," said Ketchum.

Minutes later, the video shows the two men running out of the parking garage. They jump in their car and drive away with Ketchum's money.

Ketchum said she knows that leaving the cash in her glove compartment wasn't smart.

"If I had kept it on me, what were they will to do to get the money," she wondered.

Anyone with information about the theft is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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