Crooks break into cars outside Texans game

HOUSTON - A Houston woman who went to the Houston Texans game on Sunday says her football fun turned into heartache when she returned to her car after the Texans lost to the Patriots and discovered it had been broken into.

Catherine Wood says the crooks stole her purse, which had all of her important items including an irreplaceable necklace that was given to her by her deceased father.

"I literally broke down and fell to the ground. I was in tears when I realized the necklace my dad gave me when he was dying was in there," said Wood.

Wood said she paid $10 to park in a lot across from Reliant Stadium.

She thought it was safe because dozens of other game attendees also parked in the same lot.

Wood said she didn't know NFL rules prohibited women from carrying their purses into the game until the parking lot attendant told her.

"The lady in the front of the lot was screaming, you're not allowed to take your purse in, no purses. You have to take your purse back to the car," said Wood.

She says she took her purse back to her car and hid it under a sweater.

Houston police were called to the parking lot to investigate after Wood and several other vehicle owners reported their cars windows were smashed and valuable items were stolen.

Wood and others say they thought the parking lot attendant would stay through the entire game to watch over their vehicles, but that didn't happen.

While she spent Monday dealing with her broken car window and trying to replace things like her driver's license and Social Security card, Wood says she is willing to pay a reward to anyone who returns her necklace.

"I hope they can figure out who did it and try to get stuff back," said Wood. "It's just a necklace to them. It's more than that to me."

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